We are one of the best known names in smartphone and iphone repair VA . We have been looking after smartphones literally ever since they became smart. Our two decades of experience in repairing smartphones makes us one of the most trusted names in the business. If you are looking for a great experience in smartphone repair, Fixi Go is here for you. Here are a few things that make us special.

We are present at six stores

Find us at a store near you. Our presence in 6 stores across the state ensures you are looking at some of the best available options. Make sure to consider the options available in repair before you come looking for us.

We do not have a working day

We rather do not believe in one. Your smartphone does not have a working day and neither do we. Just look at our website, find our number and place a call whenever your smartphone asks you to define a working day or claims a day off. We will share with it our theory on the subject.


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2801 Windy Ridge Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Phone: 260-471-8606

Email: kmr@thecertifiedtranslation.com